Supporting End-to-End Customer Experiences for a Solar Solutions Provider

Cutting turnaround times to maintain growth for a fast-growing Solar adoption firm.


End-to-End Pipeline Support

One of the fastest-growing companies in the US propels solar adoption by unifying vendors, lenders, and homeowners for cost-saving proposals and installation. Invisible scaled the company's end-to-end turnkey customer support experience to keep up with continued growth.

Turnaround time: 25 minutes

Contracts daily: 180+

States: 30+

Problem: Scaling complex pipeline processing

The company leverages a turnkey customer experience both online and via the hundreds of sales reps it partners with to rapidly convert warm leads into happy customers.

As demand continued to expand, it couldn’t scale its team of administrators in California responsible for generating cost savings proposals for customers and lenders in under an hour. The proposals had to be crystal clear in order to confirm customer savings and secure lender financing and depended on variables including regional tax implications and the placement of actual solar panels on clients’ homes.

Solution: Rapid, end-to-end support

Invisible worked with the company to develop highly detailed SOPs regarding proposal creation for homeowners interested in installing solar panels on their properties.

Steps included utilizing its proprietary platform and satellite data to predict the amount of sunlight a roof would receive and comparing customer utility bills against potential savings by factoring for energy generated, installation costs, and any local or federal tax savings.

Invisible’s team was so effective that the team wound up requesting downstream support to work with lenders on financing contracts for solar installations and monitoring energy usage thereafter to validate projected cost savings.

The Impact: Frictionless contract closes

Invisible’s coordinated team of agents shattered the company's turnaround target at a fraction of previous costs. Proposals were delivered, on average, 25 minutes from request.

Continuing to help it move prospects through its pipeline, Invisible moved on to generate financing contracts in under 24 hours. At peak, we were generating 180 contracts per day for new installations.

As more contracts closed, we even proceeded to support the company's ongoing benchmarking and validation efforts by setting up energy monitoring of properties post-installation.

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