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We are built on the belief that technology and business will always need humanity.

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The Operations Innovation Company

Founded in 2015, Invisible is the 21st-century tech-enabled services company transforming how companies are built and run. Our unique approach, enabled by our process orchestration platform, secures a seamless integration of technology and talent.

Our core values and principles

Invisible empowers innovation by fostering a culture of bold thinking, ownership, and creative resilience, driven by a dedication to service, passion, and efficiency.

Bold thinking

We think big and take action. We balance ambitious goals with courage and discipline, reject traditional playbooks, and focus on building lasting, meaningful impact.

We’re owners, not renters. We empower our people with an ownership mindset, find talent where others aren’t looking, amplify ingenuity with advanced tech, and embrace change for endless growth.

We’re resourceful. Our clients are met with humility and dedication to sustain excellence and impact, while opportunities are met with entrepreneurial passion and an investor’s discipline.


Why we exist

Our vision? To revolutionize the future of business operations across any industry, function, and company. Our mission? We help leaders achieve their grandest visions better, faster, and cheaper by breaking work into its atomic units, by leveraging the best of technology and human capabilities, and by designing aligned incentives across all stakeholders.

Executive and leadership team

Meet the leaders shaping our Operations Innovation vision.

Benjamin Plummer
Chief Executive Officer
Francis Pedraza
Founder, Chair of the Board
Cameron Partridge
Chief Marketing Officer
Joe Chittenden-Veal
Chief Financial Officer
Lauren Zujkowski
Head of Operations
Scott Downes
Chief Technology Officer
Mark Gray
Head of Hiring
Adam Haney
VP of Engineering
Jay Kumar
VP of Growth
Karl Thomsen
SVP People & Coaching

Recent news and resources

See Invisible news and our take on issues relating to artificial intelligence and operations.

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