Boosting Onboarding Speed for Doordash

Accelerating onboarding speed for Doordash by over 200% to meet demand during the pandemic.


Helping DoorDash Capture a Surge in Demand

When demand for food delivery doubled during the pandemic, Invisible enabled DoorDash to match supply with demand and capture market share.

Onboarding speed: +233%

Datapoints structured monthly: 1.5 million

Onboarding cost reduction: 50%

Problem: A surge in demand complicated onboarding

On-demand delivery giant DoorDash was hit with a supply shock in March of 2020 as restaurant dining shut down due to the pandemic. Thousands of restaurants scrambled to be onboarded onto DoorDash, creating a backlog of menu digitization that their team simply couldn’t keep up with.

The Solution: A solution configured just for DoorDash

Invisible turned a drawn-out manual process into a bespoke 7-step solution to turn DoorDash’s restaurant onboarding process into a scalable, machine-augmented system.

The Impact: Accelerating onboarding by 233%

Invisible set benchmark standards in the first 10 days, and within 30 had built a team of 200 and a custom OCR tool to automate the extraction of information from menu photos. Within 90 days, our service had become so fundamental that we fully integrated with DoorDash’s internal tech systems. Now, streamlined Invisible processes structure 1.5M unique data points monthly, and have reduced onboarding costs by 50%.

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