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Invisible's managed service breaks down your most complex real estate problems like tenant underwriting and supply side lead generation, kick starts its process engine, and delivers a custom workflow that produces results your business needs now.

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Tripling Property Listing Inventory for Bungalow

The Problem

Bungalow, an innovative home rental platform faced a significant supply shortage of homes that met their renters' preferred characteristics. FTEs spent countless hours manually searching through suitable listings, unable to efficiently find properties to list, resulting in visitors leaving their website.

The Solution

Invisible partnered with the rental platform to develop a custom image recognition tool in 10 days. This tool instantly analyzed thousands of listings, identifying homes that matched renter preferences. Our global workforce meticulously reviewed the results to ensure accuracy and deliver in-demand listings.


• In 15 days, Invisible tripled the rental platform's inventory of properties matching tenant demands.

• Speed was crucial in meeting customer needs, especially with many customers looking to move within 30 days.

• The workflow was successfully applied to four new markets, facilitating rapid expansion for the rental platform.

• The initial results were achieved at half the cost of Bungalow's previous solution.

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