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Powering AI Research & Development

Supercharge AI research, maximize alignment, and launch your model faster with the highest quality, human-in-the-loop training.

How We Help

Supporting You When You Need It

Supervised Fine-Tuning

Custom demonstration data created by domain experts

RLHF & Reward Modeling

World leading RLHF service and platform for deeply aligned models

Safety & Maintenance

Red teaming and adversarial training to mitigate toxicity in your model

What We Do

Capabilities On-demand

Beyond executing your research vision, we help you push the boundaries of what’s possible. Through deep partnerships with our clients, we've mastered these techniques for supporting AI research and building aligned models.

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Red Teaming

Adversarial Training

Demographic Parity


Data Pre and Post Processing

Leading AI Company

Client Success

Leading AI Company

Launching World-Leading LLM 6 Months Faster


A leading LLM chatbot could not scale up an internal team of human data trainers to align their LLM. With an agile recruiting engine and flexible platform configurable to AI training, we helped them bring their LLM to market well ahead of competitors.

5000+ comparison tasks daily

450+ domain experts hired in 8 weeks

6 month faster go-to-market

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Why Invisible Is Perfectly Positioned

Our configurable platform turns complex processes like SFT and RLHF into simple steps for our AI trainers, transforms to fit any research design, and flexibly feeds the data we create into any system.

A Process Platform Built for SFT and RLHF

Our platform is tailor-made for enabling our workforce to align powerful AI models fast.

• Trainers operate through a custom UI for SFT and RLHF

• A simple, built-in scoring interface optimizes quality and efficiency

• Interfaces are 100% configurable for unique needs

• Results are delivered in any format you require

Quality Reinforcement at Every Step

Our platform guarantees the best people do your work, so you get high-quality outcomes every time.

• Fine grain process-permissioning ensures trainers operate on processes they are skilled in

• Every deliverable receives expert QA

Scaling Human Judgement

We employ a rigorous hiring process through our platform. AI predicts hiring performance and comprehensive testing ensures we hire the best people at a scale that others can’t. Just 9% of applicants get hired.

Commercialize Your Models

We deliver operational breakthroughs for the world’s leading enterprises by applying AI. Speak to Sales about how we can deploy your model via channel partnership.

We've Got Your Models to Train

Learn more about our novel approach to training the world's leading LLMs and how we can help you.

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